Editable Food

A common request is for a flier that can be edited, saved, and printed on-demand all by the client. Sometimes in this case, the only service that is needed up front is the design work.

For example, let’s take a flier that advertises food. “Eat @ Joe’s” needs their logo, a photo and a list of menu items for their $4.99 appetizer special that has been happening on a regular basis. They really don’t want to redesign a flier every time they remove or add an appetizer and they just want to print 200 fliers at their local print shop or on their desktop printer. So what they can have done, is a flier (preferably saved-as a PDF) designed with their elements with a blank box for them to type their appetizers in to. Once the file is edited by an Eat @ Joe’s employee, they can save-as, and print their requested quantity.

Editable PDF Flier
If you’re the designer, after setting up your blank box using the form function (make sure you choose a simple font in case their system doesn’t handle them well), save the pdf as a “Reader Extended PDF” so that employees without the full version of Acrobat can save and edit the PDF.

Two popular page sizes are 8.5×11” and 5.5×8.5” (half-sheet). Just remember that if you choose the 5.5×8.5”, you should print 2 up on a letter sheet or 4 up on an 11×17” and don’t include a bleed.

Here is a sample of the 5.5×8.5 flier with an editable field. For additional examples, here is my website that specializes in printable files.